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CircleTales® has been designed as a game to last, with an environmentally-friendly bamboo board and reusable Moon Cards. We carefully selected our printers, fabrication and fulfilment partners because of their commitment to ecological and ethical standards.


The paper game elements were printed with SAKATA soy inks on PEFC certified paper. The wooden dice is FCS-certified and the non-toxic dry erase marker is made from pre-consumer recycled plastic. We have opted out of plastic organisers in favour of custom-designed card inserts.


Our bamboo board is eco-friendly and is printed with sustainable UV inks. Bamboo is a fast growing grass that can sustainably replace wood and it is a powerful tool for carbon sequestration. Life-cycle Assessment studies show that bamboo can be carbon neutral—or even carbon negative during its life cycle (LCA analyses the environmental impact associated with a product’s life from raw material extraction through manufacturing, shipping, distribution, use and disposal/recycling). Our company also participates in a carbon footprint offset programme for its freight and shipping.

And the game box is shrinkwrap free!

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